La Vieille Ferme Rouge

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Les Hauts de Bacchus Rouge
A ruby red, medium-bodied organic blend

Taste: Pour it and enjoy a nose of red fruits, a supple and fruity palate, and the way its lively character mingles with spicy meat dishes like chile con carne.

Flavor Notes: Red cherries, Plum, Black currant

VariIetal: Red Blend

El Pescaito Vino Blanco
Spanish white with a school of ripe fruit

Taste: Bright floral aromas surface immediately when you uncork El Pescaito White Blend.

Flavor Notes: Nectorine, Wild berries, Spice

VariIetal: White Blend

Vespertine Zinfandel
Fruit-forward Zin softened with Tempranillo

Taste: Typical of Zinfandel, the finish evokes sweet leather and layers of vanilla and coconut.

Flavor Notes: Blackberry, Spicy Cherry, Coconut

VariIetal: Zinfandel

Sous La Mer Rosé
A Floral and Citrusy California Rosé

Taste:A French Rosé through and through, this fruity, floral Rosé will hold its own in nearly any situation.

Flavor Notes: Nectorine, Wild berries, Spice

VariIetal: 100% Grenache Blend

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