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10 must-try sparkling wines from around the world


There is something about the bubbles of sparkling wine that makes us feel like celebrating. However, sparkling wine is tremendous in taste, and we can also enjoy sparkling wine with our meals. But what if you begin in a world of sparkling wine, or you have so many choices of sparkling wine that you can’t even decide what to choose. There are many different types of sparkling wine all around the world. Nowadays, you can find wine in any wine shop, deliver wine, or order online wine, but the ultimate way of enjoying the taste of wine is to come around the world and find out the best wine from around the world.



Ever wonder who invented sparkling wine. The answer is Dom Perigon, a French Benedictine monk who first developed a fizzy bubbled wine in 1668 that was lately named sparkling wine.



There are several methods of making sparkling wine, and the most common ways of making sparkling wine are:-



This method was once called the “champagne method” because champagne is mainly produced by this method. Cava from Spain, Metodo Classico from Italy, Sekt from Germany and Method Cap Classique from South Africa are also using the traditional method.



The easiest, quickest, and most effective way of producing sparkling wine involves engaging in secondary fermentation in huge, closed and pressurized tanks. This method is also referred to as the bulk method. This technique is much less complex and inexpensive than the traditional method, and it is usually used for making Italian Prosecco.


10 best must try sparkling wine


With a 60% Pinot Noir mix and 40% Chardonnay, this wine smells like red berries with alluring fragile traces of squeezed blossoms. Flavors of wild strawberries, dark cherries, citrus blossom and toasted brioche, amuse the sense of taste and are offset with fiery, fresh corrosiveness and a long textural finish. This makes this brand so unique and the best of others.



Cava is the most famous sparkling wine in Spain. Cava has a fresh and vibrant, and refreshing taste to boost your mood. This drink is primarily common among youngsters, and it’s also budget-friendly. Cava is a manufacturing company that produces many kinds of sparkling wines with different tastes.



Prosecco has a lightly fruity and sweet taste, making it different from others. It is easy to drink because of its light texture. Prosecco is less expensive because of its simple making process. It has a very decent aroma loaded with variant flavours of fruits and wildflowers and fresh-cut melons and apples.

Moscato d’Asti

Moscato d’Asti is lower in alcohol and has slightly sweeter and more gentle sparkling in wine with soft bubbles and has higher quality. It has a sweet grape-like aroma with a taste of white peaches, apricot, and sage.

Clairette de Die

It is the best wine manufactured in France. It has a beautiful apricot smell with a fusion of delicate rose and citrus fruits. It has a smooth taste with a twist of apple and citrus fruit. The combination of fresh bubbles and richness of aroma, and the soft texture makes it France’s best sparkling wine.


It is a pleasant and erotic sparkling wine with the smell of woodland berries and black cherries, and almonds. With the sweet aroma and a bit of sharpness, this sparkling wine has become most favourite among Italians.

Asti Spumante 

The fruity citrus aroma with various fruity flavours and the perfect combination of sweetness and sharpness makes Asti spumante the most premium among the northern Italians. It has a taste of orange and apricots, and citrus fruits. It has a low level of alcohol which makes it the perfect drink for youngsters.


The perfect blend of crisp and refreshment in one drink is only seen in Benjamin Bridge Nova 7. This sparkling wine wins everyone’s hearts with an ideal mixture of citrus fruits like grapes and erotic aroma. As it is low in alcohol, it can be consumed with different meals and enjoyed in own personal ways.

Flor Prosecco

With melon and ripe pear’s flavour, with a hint of almonds and lilies within a perfect mixture of apples and peaches, this smooth sparkling wine can win anyone’s heart only in one sipe. The ideal blend of elegance and freshness, and crispiness makes flor prosecco the best sparkling wine amongst the Italians.

Prosecco rose

Freshly crushed apples and frozen raspberries with a pear mixed with soft strawberries make this wine taste sweeter than others. If you are a wine lover, you should try this once in your life. The seductive aroma and taste will make you take a sip.

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